Discover The Most AMAZING Trick For Generating Spirit Crushing Consistency And Power On ALL Of Your Shots!

Read on to discover the deceptively simple part of your swing that makes all of the difference between bombing your serves down the middle of the service box for an ACE and dumping them into the bottom of the net...

Between attacking the lines with crisp, precise forehand winners and hacking your way around the court unsure and in total frustration...


Not if you believe what one of the TOP coaches in the country and what thousands of ordinary everyday tennis players that have gone from good to great and seen it with their own eyes are saying...


Dear Fellow Tennis Player,

If you've ever wanted to hit an ace with the explosive power of a rocket, leaving your playing partners with their jaws on the ground in envy...

While at the same time finding the corners of the service box and attacking the lines with laser-like accuracy, then I've got something you need to hear about!

ZGHLHRYTSSWCMLD.20080125211727My name is Scott Doerner and I'm an ATP Tour Pro turned Master Teaching Professional in Los Angeles, CA.

I've been playing and coaching the best players in the world for 20 years and I've just about seen everything.

I've worked with beginners on up through Top 25 ATP Tour Stars... and everything in between.

And while I want to make it clear that there are a lot of great coaches out there...

... the simple fact is that the vast majority of tennis players barely improve their game, if at all.

And it certainly isn't for lack of trying.

I've seen students spend thousands of dollars on lessons, training aids, and gadgets that promised the moon...

Only to leave them disappointed, frustrated, and no better at hitting a tennis ball...

AND in some cases even worse!

If you're reading this right now I'm sure you know the frustrations involved in working so hard with no real reward...

The worst part is not knowing whether your next shot will paint the scott-resume-sales-letterline for a winner or end up in the next court.

It's enough to drive you crazy!

But the reason it REALLY drives me nuts...

The reason it REALLY gets under my skin...

Is that it doesn't need to be this way!

The problem is that tennis instruction is cluttered with so many "rules" about how you have to swing the tennis racket...

  • Keep your head down
  • Keep your left arm straight
  • Make a "Unit" turn
  • Rotate your hips 90 degrees
  • Swing "Low To High"
  • Don't swing too hard
  • Don't swing too soft

The list just goes on and on...

And it's not that these ideas are wrong... but the reality is that they aren't so much fixed rules but working suggestions.

They can be helpful to think about from time to time, but focusing too much on these types of swing thoughts is a mistake.



One part of the swing that completely determines your shot path.

If you get this part right, you WILL hit a great tennis shot. If you mess this part up, you CAN'T hit a good tennis shot.

It's an idea I've been developing my entire career.

First in my own game and in private lessons with clients...

Later by studying video of players of all ability levels...

And most recently with the help of cutting edge technology like special slow-motion cameras.

But probably the easiest way to demonstrate this principle... this ONE absolute rule of the tennis swing... is to look at the swings of the top professionals in the world.

Here's the thing...

There's no ONE right way to swing the tennis racket.

In the image below we have Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, and Juan Martin Del Potro all at the same beginning point of their serve backswing...


And the most striking thing about it is how completely DIFFERENT they look!

Different racket height...

Different alignment...

Different shoulder and hand placements...

Yet with these radically different looking swings... each of these players produces the highest quality/world class Serve shot execution...

How can this be?

Well, the answer is the ONE absolute rule of tennis... and here it is:

Your Shot Is 100% Determined By What Your Racket Head Does At The Moment Of Impact!

Everything about your ball flight... it's distance, direction, angle,and trajectory...

is entirely determined by how your racket moves through the critical impact position.

And if we fast forward our 4 professional serve swings we will indeed see that despite their radically different positions in the back swing...

they are all in the identical impact position!! fast-forward-finish-serve-sales-page We can demonstrate this time and again using high speed video. And we can confirm it by measuring the direction, the angles, and the speed of the racket head using the latest technology.

But if you simply take a step back to think about it, you will see that not only does the impact rule make sense...

it actually HAS to be true.

After all, the impact position is the ONLY point in the swing where the racket makes contact with the ball.

The laws of physics (and common sense) actually prevent the racket from influencing the ball flight at any other point during the swing.

After all, the impact position is the ONLY point in the swing where the racket makes contact with the ball.

Think about it...

The tennis ball doesn't care or even know what your left arm does, whether your head moved, or how long your backswing was...

It only knows what the racket head was doing at impact.

And so it's not surprising that when you look closely at video of professional and advanced players, they get into virtually the exact same impact position nearly everytime. ...

while beginners and hackers look completely different at impact...

Ok, so now that we've established the impact rule... the obvious question becomes:

What exactly does a good impact position look like?


There are 4 aspects of how your racket moves through impact that work together to determine your shot's path. I call them the 4 Impact Factors, and they are:


 At impact, your racket face can be in 1 of 3 positions: open, closed, or square to the target.

1st-racket-angle-graphic Just how important is IMPACT FACTOR #1?

Well, with the help for the latest technology we know that around 85% of your ball's initial direction is determined by the angle your racket face is pointing at impact....

whether it is open, square, or closed to your target.

In other words it's pretty damned important!

Which bring us to IMPACT FACTOR #2...


 The 2nd IMPACT FACTOR is your rackets path to the contact point, also known as the swing path...

Again there are 3 distinct possibilities, as shown below: swing-path-sales-banner

Your Swing Path works together with your Racket Face Angle to determine your ball's spin, flight path, and trajectory.

IMPACT FACTOR #3: Angle Of Attack

 The 3rd Impact Factor is your Angle Of ATTACK.

For most shots, excluding the Serve/Overhead, the correct Angle Of Attack is either a gradual ascending swing path or a gradual descending path with the racket face either angled down "closed" or upward "open" depending on what type of spin and ball flight you are looking to execute...

At the "moment of truth" which is where the racket and the ball meet, which should be a few inches in front of your lead foot, these two major factors will converge to determine the success of your shot.

The most consistent impact occurs with the ball in front of your body so that you can get your body weight behind the shot, it helps you apply more power and control to the shot... contact-angle-and-swing-paths If your contact point on either Angle Of Attack is not executed in front of your lead foot, with your weight behind your shot-then your racket will tend to be considered "late" to contact and all bets are off...

There are a few exceptions to this rule, but this type of execution will typically lead to you catching the ball further back in your stance which will rob you of your MOST consistent power source, which is your own body weight AND it will cause an inconsistent contact point with the ball, leading to inaccurate shots...


 The 4th Impact Factor is where the ball contacts your racket face relative to the sweet spot.

Just like in baseball or golf, hitting the sweet spot transfers the maximum amount of power from the racket to the ball. Missing the sweet spot is a major "power leak" and also produces mishits in all directions...

shanks, frames, and hooks. In fact the very worst mishits- shanks, net dumps, and over the fence home runs- come when you miss the sweet spot dramatically... shanks-and-mishits  OK, so we now know that 100% of your ball flight is determined by how fluidly your racket head moves through the "moment of truth" or the impact point with the ball...

And we know that the impact position is a combination of the 4 Crucial Impact Factors...

And so the question now becomes:

How do YOU get the racket into the perfect impact position EVERY single time you strike the ball?


Whether you're swinging on your serve or your forehand...

Whether you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned veteran...

And no matter what your current strokes looks like...

Well this is precisely the question I've been working on for most of my career.

And after developing and refining it with hundreds of students, I've finally put it all together into a system.

The Fluid Swing System

Anyway, there is a good reason I'm telling you all of this.

Until recently you could only learn my Fluid Swing System in private lessons... and with my tight schedule I know this isn't a realistic option for a lot of tennis players...

That's why I was so excited to put the system on film and try selling it online.

But there is a catch...

I know that the more people that sign up for The Fluid Swing System online, the more of my time it will require updating the website, making new videos, and getting calls looking for private lessons.

I love teaching the game and I love helping new students... but between my responsibilities to my current students, my consultations with players on the ATP Tour, and my personal life... there are only so many hours in the day!

And so there is simply no way I can leave this offer up indefinitely. That means, if you want to join, you have to act fast I can't guarantee how much longer The Fluid Swing System will be available to new members.

But the good news is, if you are reading this now, there is still time!

This is an unbelievably exciting package... designed so that you don't risk a dime trying it out at home.

Here's how it works:

Sign up today and you will get instant, lifetime access to our membership website where you can watch all of the videos included in the Fluid Swing System.

(Yes, you will continue to have access even if we completely stop accepting new students.)

The system includes everything I teach in my privates lessons... all packed into over 90 minutes and over 25 High-Definition videos filmed on location in Malibu, California...

Each video is around 7-10 minutes long... the optimal length recommended by teaching specialists for a concentrated learning task.

You will learn my complete system... with the added benefit of being able to rewind and rewatch until it truly becomes 2nd nature for you!

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

Here's what's included!



This program includes EVERYTHING I have learned about the crucial contact point or “Moment Of Truth” between the racket and the ball in my over 20 year playing and studying the game of tennis…

NOTHING is held back…

It will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get into PERFECT positioning to create FLUID swings that result in PERFECT contact points, starting with your set-up and stance and then moving onto the dynamic motions of your swing path and contact zones…

With EASY to follow step-by-step instructions I break down EXACTLY  how to master the Fluid Swing and the 4 Impact Factors for perfect contact with the ball.

I will show you in detail how they work together to guarantee you success on each and every stroke AND I’ve included my VERY BEST drills for ingraining the proper Bio-Mechanics into your game!

PLUS: Your order comes with 3 Bonus videos designed to fast-track your improvement. These videos are right alongside The Fluid Swing System inside our membership site.


The #1 question tennis players ask me in private lessons is “How do I hit BIGGER serves or How do I hit a kick serve?” Hitting the ball hard is fun (and a great way to impress anyone watching or playing with you!) Let’s face it… you don’t want to be the one with the weakest serve on the court during your doubles foursome…

But it’s not just about bragging rights… Tennis gets a lot easier when you add 5, 10, 15, or 20 MPH on your serve. It can mean the difference between holding your serve and being broken during a crucial point in the match, and having a powerful serve gives you a whole new level of confidence, just ask Andy Roddick or Ivo Karlovic…

Now you’ll uncover a lot of power as you implement the Fluid Swing System into your swing, but we want you to be able to go out there tomorrow and start hitting the ball harder and with more spin right away. And that’s exactly what I designed the Serve Solutions Mini-Course to do.

The series consists of the 7 easiest and fastest ways I know to add more power to your serve motion, period. Designed to be watched in bite-sized chunks over 5-7 days, you won’t believe how simple it can be to unlock 5, 10, or even 20 + MPH to your serve without making major swing changes!

In this series you will learn…



The second bonus video course is called Destroying Pushers (Because we all hate playing them!) And Other Common Playing Styles, and that’s exactly what it is designed to do… It takes you from wherever you’re at now and fixes your major flaws when it comes to your playing strategy… You can’t beat those pesky “pushers” if you don’t know the right strategies to use.

This video series features my friend and a highly-qualified USPTA tennis teaching professional Sean Bowen. He highlights along with me the common mistakes that players make when playing “Pushers” and how to fix them instantly. I highlight how to change your mentality when dealing with different playing styles and how to infuse yourself with confidence by following 3 easy steps before you start the match that I learned during my time on the tour.

We deliver all of these strategies in simple, plain English that is easy to understand for anyone. You’ll also get practical drills that you can use in your VERY next practice session to start eliminating the “easy” points you're giving away to your opponents during matches…

You will learn…


At the end of the day tennis is supposed to be fun and our goal is to get you spending less time on the practice court and more time out playing matches and enjoying your new brand of tennis!

And so that is what this 3rd bonus video is all about. Practice That Actually Increases Your Match Winning Percentages is designed to not only ingrain the Fluid Swing System’s proven stroke techniques into your bio-mechanics as quickly and easily as possible, but it should also totally change how you look at practice time.

Say goodbye to hitting endless buckets of balls only to leave the court unsure if your swing is any better. In this bonus video training course, you’ll learn how to practice the crucial skills that cut out all the waste and lead directly to increased WINNERS and a rapid reduction in your unforced errors during your matches, naturally this has been shown to boost match victories for our students…

Learn how to implement swing changes and lock them into your muscle memory as fast as possible… And how to naturally develop feel and control on any shot… at the baseline, at the net, in singles, and in doubles.

You will discover:

It's all online on our membership site and you can have instant access to it today!


Can a simple program like this really ignite your game with enough raw power to shock your playing partners?

Can it really obliterate your shanks and guide your ball to the corners of the court as if it was pulled by a magnet?

Can it transform your ball striking to the point where it practically forces you to hit with more power and accuracy.

Just look at what these ecstatic customers had to say about The Fluid Swing System...

Important Testimonial Disclaimer: The following testimonials are from emails we have received, comments left on our site, surveys and other conversations with actual customers. However, these results should not be viewed as “typical.” Your results will depend on numerous factors including the quality and amount of your practice, your current ability level, as well as other factors.

I just wanted to send a big thank you for developing this system and helping my tennis game. I watched the beginning videos a couple months ago after I joined, I mainly zeroed in on the serve and the footwork videos. I played a tournament a few weeks later and beat 3 higher seeds before losing in the finals, but I easily could’ve won the whole thing. I lost consistently to the seeds that I beat for the last several years, and they were anything but happy that I was able to beat them. Anyways, I always knew I had decent shots, but I didn’t know how to use them until I watched Scott’s system.

thank you for making tennis fun again.

Brent Loomis, Costa Mesa, CA

Scott, I’m in my late 40’s now and have been forced to cut back on my tennis due to back and knee pain. It’s been a bit difficult because I love it so much, but what I found with your system has been remarkable. I am able to generate more power and control during points so that I don’t have to do as much running and I finish points faster which preserves my body. I am now able to play 3 times per week like I used to and I am loving it.


Scott Rose, Boston, MA

I play tennis twice a week with the same group of ladies and we are all between a 3.0-3.5.

We always like to have fun, but there is definitely some competition going on as well. I saw your program advertised online and the fluid swing and contact points you talked about made instant sense to me. I purchased the system and started watching the videos online each night. I would practice the techniques each time I practiced and it FELT like I was getting it, but I still hadn’t used them in my group match yet.

I played yesterday with my group after a lay-off and promised myself I wouldn’t focus on results and commit to using the system anyways. I have NEVER hit so well in my life, it seems like the Impact Points and The Fluid Swing System enabled me to hit anyway and anywhere that I chose to.

I’ll let you know if I can keep it up, but I had so much fun and really want to thank you for showing me how to get more out of my tennis.

Haley C., Houston, TX

I really love the Bonus videos. After watching the playing styles one, I was able to pick apart ALL of my weekly playing partners. I spent a couple of hours watching and re-watching the strategies and game plans that you developed to beat the different game styles and literally the next time out I was winning easily.

I’m starting to understand how to set up the points, apply the pressure, and use the percentages for my benefit, just like you advocated.

I appreciate the work!

Kevin Wicklund, Monroe, LA

I was dubious about everything you claim regarding your system, but I tried it anyways, fully intending on insisting you honor your 100% money-back guarantee. I was admittedly surprised to find that you know what you are talking about and my game has benefited greatly from the new contact points on my swing and the fluid power and accuracy I’ve been able to duplicate from your lessons. Thanks for not wasting my time, I’ll be looking forward to your future offerings.



Richard Finley, Santa Rosa, CA

Wow, what a great deal for something I just stumbled upon through Google. LOL I can’t believe you were able to get all of this information packaged and presented so well. I find the videos super easy to watch and learn from and have noticed my game improving since I purchased the fluid swing system. I work on some of the techniques with my own teaching pro during our lessons and it makes the time with him even more productive.

Thanks for your time and effort with this!!!!!!!!

Goran, Orlando, FL

I had never improved so quickly in my life! Scott and his system really unlocked my potential and I feel like it got the clutter out of my head from all of the other things my other coaches had told me. It was just too much.

Ryan Atwater, Troy, MI

I learned how to get my body to work as one when hitting my forehand. Before working with this system I struggled to get all of the mechanics down to be successful, but after I saw what I truly needed to focus on, it was actually kind of easy.

James W, San Diego, CA

They represent beginners, low rated NTRP ratings, the young and the old... the only difference between them and you is they put their doubts aside and gave The Fluid Swing System a try.

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Here's how it works:

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Not a single question will be asked...

No hassles or forms to fill out. Nothing to send back in the mail. No problems at all.

How can I afford to offer this?


I've seen thousands of students transform their games using the techniques I teach in the Fluid Swing System.

And I'm Damned Confident about the FACT that it will be wonderfully effective for your games as well.

Listen, I understand it might be your first time buying  tennis  instruction on the internet. And you might be wondering can I really learn online? Or could this really be as good as it sounds?

Which is why I took all of the risk out of it by including the money-back guarantee.


We're also happy to take your order by phone:

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So all that is left is to just imagine it: standing on the baseline and watching your serves sticking in the back fence as they sail past your opponent untouched.

Seeing your playing partners and biggest rivals look at you with envy as they quickly realize the new level of skill you possess.

You have nothing to lose so take advantage of this exciting offer today. Because I don't know how much longer it will be open to new students.

To Your Continued Tennis Success,

   Scott Doernerscott smile



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